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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ficemook this one is for you....

I have created yet another username and password combination that will probably get lost in "the pile to file" aka don't have any idea what to do with...

After househunting and apartment searching for two plus months, I was able to see lots of other peoples living spaces, and I never fail to wonder - Where is their "pile to file"??! Especially these inner city artsy lofts where all the minimalists live. Don't minimalists still have bills??? They must have cable with their flat screen, plasma tv's. oh Come on!

So, I have six days til I begin my second year of teaching at Southie. Every "Back to School" sign causes cramps in my stomach and makes me want to vomit! I should be confident, this is my second year, but I am scared.

I've already overplanned by two days. I've done more planning this week than I think some teachers do all year. When do I get to that point? I have icebreakers to last a lifetime! And because I hate doing them, I will probably just chicken out and make the students do math...against all experts advice.

Does spelling count on this?

I start the year with my only "work" friend, fired; giving professional development to teachers with at minimum 8 years of seniority (new kid on the block giving teaching tips! haha!) and having pushed a senior member of the staff out of his room so he now gets the shopping cart and I get to live in one room with math posters everywhere! ...I'm scared.

...oh Bring it On, How bad can it be????
...tune in to find out....


Blogger PeeKay said...

yahooo!!!! welcome to the blogworld! can i add you as a link from my blog? i promise to generate traffic for you. spelling schpelling! just type and let the letters fall where they may.

10:57 PM  
Blogger Wttygrrl said...

hey! welcome to the big blog! where are you living these days? we've got a place in southie, and one up in NH. you playing any soccer?


8:56 AM  

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