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Sunday, March 16, 2008

I told you!

So I told you I was obsessed with online scrapbooking...the big question is should this obsession turn into reality and not just virtual. I already have enough hobbies & sporting goods to fill at least one retail store - do I dare add another? I figure what is scrapbooking; some paper, a pair of scissors, a paper cutter, loads of stickers (or embelishments in the scrapbooking world) and a binder...Hmmm, then there's the paper and the stickers! You could fill an entire room with all the options - oh no wait, that room is already half filled with material from my sewing projects and a quarter full of the watercolor painting bonanza, and how much room do I have left maybe an eighth full of the acrillic and oil painting! Yes, that is right oh but then there's the pilates ball and the yoga mat -- so you see the internal struggle of do I *really* want more stuff when I don't use the stuff I have...But wait "this is the craft I've been looking for, I will *seriously* make time for this one. Oh the internal dialog!

Yes, I do think I have all this time; no my baby is not agreeing with me...Today's accomplishment: the baby napped and went to bed. Yep it took me all day to do that, so when do I get creative, oh when she naps - right?! Well by the time I get thru all the creative crap to find what I want the baby is awake. Yep hour to put her down for a free half hour. Now, I am a math teacher (or was) and let me tell ya, IT DOES NOT ADD UP!

Solution: Sleep training starting Thursday. Reality: my husband and I are desparately trying to talk ourselves into this...The *real* reality, I'll let you know if I'm still married Sunday! haha...

Sydney February & March 2008

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

New Obsessions

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Monday, April 23, 2007

...and...oh yah

95% chance "it" is a girl

Vacation All I Ever Wanted, Vacation Time to Get Away...

Aruba, Jamacia oooohhh I want to take ya....

Okay I'll stop with random song quotes. So on a surprise last minute April Vacation mom & dad donated a week time-share and when we looked where we could go....not only did Maine pop up but so did ARUBA...let me think...ARUBA ARUBA. So in 1/2 hour we had a place to stay and some plane tix outta here to the island of no-more-snow!

Saturday woosh we're there, by about 1pm. Not much to report, just the usual lost luggage (I mean "delayed" luggage). We put our bathing suits in the carry on so we didn't care. By the time we grabbed lunch and made the resort change our room; our bags were delivered. The first room was right on the pool and main hallway so it was just too loud "for the baby" haha.

A whole week sitting under a pool or beach umbrella, slathered in sunblock, doing water aerobics, sleeping, eating & reading (2 whole books thank you very much)! AGGGHHHH. What more could one want? Oh TO STAY FOREVER! It was a well needed break. Little delayed getting home and the same story with the delayed luggage. Back in Boston, it took them until 9:30pm the next day to get it to me though...but hey, who needs a bathing suit in Boston in April - OHHHH unless maybe TODAY WHEN IT WAS 90 DEGREES!...

Back to life, Back to Reality....(that's it for the songs I swear :) )Landlords "stop by" 2 hours later, I literally kick them out of the house with "the pregnancy if I don't eat I'll throw up or freak out if you don't leave" bit...Okay so the update...We have til June 30th to decide if we're

1. moving out (notice by June 30th, out by Aug 31)
2. moving downstairs & sign another year lease
3. make and offer

The downstairs is deleaded for the child and by law they have to provide a deleaded place for us to live...Upstairs where we are is not, and because we won't stay for 10 million years they'd rather have us move. They did offer to help move our stuff though, and mention the slight possibility that they might want to move in up here...arg...Can you trace a blog to a person? Because I have more to say but am completely paranoid now that "they'll" find this.

Please send me back to the island, I'll be the towel girl/drink girl/water aerobic girl....ANYTHING....No more reality!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Wooosh Wooosh Woosh

Finally, we heard the heart beat! Estimated 150 beats per minute....two ultra sounds down, numerous pee in a cup tests and more blood.

The other day a student came to tell me she tested positive on her TB test, so now the doctor has one more test to perform.

I still am unhappy with my doctor, but can't get the friend recommended doc to call me back...eek, Hello, I only have 5 more months!

My belly started popping out, I get an update from my students hourly on how much they think I am now showing. Found maternity pants for $8 at Khols (woohoo) so what if they are courdory's because it's still freaking snowing in MA!

A huge craving for bread pudding was completely satisfied today, warm banana bread pudding with icecream & whipped cream. Now ladies, that *is* a lunch!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The News is on it!

No worries, the news vans showed up today to cover the story...

High School Chemistry gone wrong - Epson salt was the culprit. Pranksters thought it would be funny to see what happened when Epson salts were put into the drinking water "Poland Spring" type bubbler.

We got a cell phone blast message that said the substance was not I guess we'll watch the news today to find out more details.

Thank goodness I bring my own tap water filled Nalgene bottle - but now I'm extra careful and strap it to my belt at all times!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

White Powdery Substances

About 1:30 the school goes on lockdown, and the teachers have to lock their doors and no students are allowed to leave the classrooms.

Then at 1:40 all after school activiites are cancelled and students must exit the building immediately. The administrative staff does a full sweep to evacuate all students.

Turns out, on the second floor there was some white substance found. A teacher & student drank from the water bubbler near the white stuff and started to have a reaction and their mouths were burning. They were sent to the hospital. Haz mat was called.

I figured if it wasn't safe for students to remain in the building i was outta there!

Then as i was walking out the vice principal was saying that if hazmat determines it is a toxic substance we might have to be out of the building for 72 HOURS!

woooohoooooyyahhhhhhhh.....this is better than snow! So now i have to watch tv all after noon for breaking news!

Friday, February 23, 2007

A Year in Review

So, I didn't think it was so bad that the last post was September 30....until it was so kindly pointed out by ficemook that it was September 30, 2005. Apparently I missed out on a whole year of my blogging.

Here it goes - a whole year - in one post. Are you ready for this? No I said ARE YOU READY...
September 2005 - June 2006 I get up at 5:30 everyday and go work at an urban high school teaching math...blah blah. I might have had some fun vacations: oh February I went to Colorado and kick butt skiing. It felt great, and surprised my boyfriend at my lightening speed. Fine, maybe not lightening, but I was able to get down the mountain without any major wipeouts. April headed to Texas to visit ma & pa. Back to June 2006 - schools almost out...

June 2006 - in a surprise move the boyfriend asks "Will you marry me?" I think he's kidding and tell him not to mess with my head, then he whips out "the" box "Will you marry me?" YES YES YES YES....June 24, 2006 I am a bridesmaid in my brothers wedding. It feels so much nicer to be standing up there, knowing that I too get to be a bride!!!

July - August 2006 Planning centeral

September 2, 2006 Mike and I are married in El Paso Texas with 12 of our family and friends with us in an amazing intimate ceremony. (agh yah that's right 2 months after the engagement hehe)

September 5, 2006 School starts. yuck...There are not enough teachers for the Freshman class, so the "school" thinks its a good idea to stick me with an Algebra class that is 120 minutes long to kill a period for the Freshman. Gee, thanks...Then there's no other sophomore teacher so my Geometry class has 35 (legal limit 31) hmmm...back to "yuck" and that's about all for school.
October 21, 2006 We have a big party (aka belated reception) and eat lots of lobster and celebrate with all of our friends and family at a local clamshack.

December 24, 2006 HONEYMOON TIME! Yes, most people are making fun of us at this point because we've manage to stretch wedding festivities from September - December...hehe. So we hop on a plane to Costa Rica for an amazing relaxing yet active honeymoon.

January 2007 I'm in the right year! We toasted the year off in Costa Rica at a pool side New Years Eve party, complete with buffet and dancing. And home we flew January 1, 2007.

February 2007 - our latest amazing honeymoon picture! A little bean at 11 weeks old...with a heart beat of 171 beats per minute.


And now your up to date....I asked if you were ready??!