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Sunday, March 16, 2008

I told you!

So I told you I was obsessed with online scrapbooking...the big question is should this obsession turn into reality and not just virtual. I already have enough hobbies & sporting goods to fill at least one retail store - do I dare add another? I figure what is scrapbooking; some paper, a pair of scissors, a paper cutter, loads of stickers (or embelishments in the scrapbooking world) and a binder...Hmmm, then there's the paper and the stickers! You could fill an entire room with all the options - oh no wait, that room is already half filled with material from my sewing projects and a quarter full of the watercolor painting bonanza, and how much room do I have left maybe an eighth full of the acrillic and oil painting! Yes, that is right oh but then there's the pilates ball and the yoga mat -- so you see the internal struggle of do I *really* want more stuff when I don't use the stuff I have...But wait "this is the craft I've been looking for, I will *seriously* make time for this one. Oh the internal dialog!

Yes, I do think I have all this time; no my baby is not agreeing with me...Today's accomplishment: the baby napped and went to bed. Yep it took me all day to do that, so when do I get creative, oh when she naps - right?! Well by the time I get thru all the creative crap to find what I want the baby is awake. Yep hour to put her down for a free half hour. Now, I am a math teacher (or was) and let me tell ya, IT DOES NOT ADD UP!

Solution: Sleep training starting Thursday. Reality: my husband and I are desparately trying to talk ourselves into this...The *real* reality, I'll let you know if I'm still married Sunday! haha...


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