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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

One Week In....

School started Tuesday for the teachers and Thursday for the students...I hate the first couple days of icebreakers and settling in. I hate going to meetings and being asked to hold hands with strangers and trade stories. I can imagin an image conscious teenager hates it more, not that I asked any of my classes to hold hands.

I have "true" freshmen for the first time. My freshman class last year was stocked with "repeaters" who were 17+...So now I have 14 year olds brand spankin new to the school, and they are little peanuts. Too scared to do much but give me blank stares like I'm on crack (which they probably would know if I were I guess) I do have three super social girls who are adorable, they try to talk to everyone and say good morning.

I am teaching two Geometry courses. One is an energetic bunch, the other...sheesh I'm bored just being near them! They are completely devoid of personality or the ability to crack the smallest smile. And....whine whine whine....eek!

Then there's the "repeaters", this years repeaters are from my courses last year. So yes, I failed them, now they get me with the same subject *again* - Now that is setting everyone up for success. The thing is, most of the students in this course are FUNNY so at least we're all entertained.

My throat kills, my legs are sore and my mind is exhausted. My brain is so tired it is making my face hurt. I've been working the 6:30 am to 4:30 pm shift...and getting up at 5:00 am agh, stinks! Who decided to start school at the crack of dawn was an evil evil person.


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