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Thursday, March 01, 2007

The News is on it!

No worries, the news vans showed up today to cover the story...

High School Chemistry gone wrong - Epson salt was the culprit. Pranksters thought it would be funny to see what happened when Epson salts were put into the drinking water "Poland Spring" type bubbler.

We got a cell phone blast message that said the substance was not I guess we'll watch the news today to find out more details.

Thank goodness I bring my own tap water filled Nalgene bottle - but now I'm extra careful and strap it to my belt at all times!


Blogger PeeKay said...

good thing it wasn't an honors chem class or the whole school would have blown up! sheesh. pranksters with a baby on board! get out of there!!!

9:09 AM  

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