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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

White Powdery Substances

About 1:30 the school goes on lockdown, and the teachers have to lock their doors and no students are allowed to leave the classrooms.

Then at 1:40 all after school activiites are cancelled and students must exit the building immediately. The administrative staff does a full sweep to evacuate all students.

Turns out, on the second floor there was some white substance found. A teacher & student drank from the water bubbler near the white stuff and started to have a reaction and their mouths were burning. They were sent to the hospital. Haz mat was called.

I figured if it wasn't safe for students to remain in the building i was outta there!

Then as i was walking out the vice principal was saying that if hazmat determines it is a toxic substance we might have to be out of the building for 72 HOURS!

woooohoooooyyahhhhhhhh.....this is better than snow! So now i have to watch tv all after noon for breaking news!


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