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Monday, April 23, 2007

Vacation All I Ever Wanted, Vacation Time to Get Away...

Aruba, Jamacia oooohhh I want to take ya....

Okay I'll stop with random song quotes. So on a surprise last minute April Vacation mom & dad donated a week time-share and when we looked where we could go....not only did Maine pop up but so did ARUBA...let me think...ARUBA ARUBA. So in 1/2 hour we had a place to stay and some plane tix outta here to the island of no-more-snow!

Saturday woosh we're there, by about 1pm. Not much to report, just the usual lost luggage (I mean "delayed" luggage). We put our bathing suits in the carry on so we didn't care. By the time we grabbed lunch and made the resort change our room; our bags were delivered. The first room was right on the pool and main hallway so it was just too loud "for the baby" haha.

A whole week sitting under a pool or beach umbrella, slathered in sunblock, doing water aerobics, sleeping, eating & reading (2 whole books thank you very much)! AGGGHHHH. What more could one want? Oh TO STAY FOREVER! It was a well needed break. Little delayed getting home and the same story with the delayed luggage. Back in Boston, it took them until 9:30pm the next day to get it to me though...but hey, who needs a bathing suit in Boston in April - OHHHH unless maybe TODAY WHEN IT WAS 90 DEGREES!...

Back to life, Back to Reality....(that's it for the songs I swear :) )Landlords "stop by" 2 hours later, I literally kick them out of the house with "the pregnancy if I don't eat I'll throw up or freak out if you don't leave" bit...Okay so the update...We have til June 30th to decide if we're

1. moving out (notice by June 30th, out by Aug 31)
2. moving downstairs & sign another year lease
3. make and offer

The downstairs is deleaded for the child and by law they have to provide a deleaded place for us to live...Upstairs where we are is not, and because we won't stay for 10 million years they'd rather have us move. They did offer to help move our stuff though, and mention the slight possibility that they might want to move in up here...arg...Can you trace a blog to a person? Because I have more to say but am completely paranoid now that "they'll" find this.

Please send me back to the island, I'll be the towel girl/drink girl/water aerobic girl....ANYTHING....No more reality!


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